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Two Bays Trail Run is scheduled for Jan 17th 2021.  Fallback date of Jan 24th.
Please note that Two Bays Trail Run does require you to have fulfilled the qualification criteria. Please see the Entrant Info Book.  Topics in Alphabetical order.  Q is for Qualification

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If you've found that Two Bays Registration Facility is in "Sold-Out" or "temporarily unavailable" mode, or your choice of event distance is currently sold-out.,
It's due to us being cautious about State Government Covid-19 restrictions, and only being prepared to have a 500 people starting at Dromana and 500 people starting at Capes Schanck based on current Shire advice.
Hopefully we'll be able to take in more entries down the track.

To be aware of when more entries are released please follow this facebook thread which will be the first place we tell people about newly available entries:
If you havenít already joined the Facebook GROUP, youíll need to do so. (Different to liking the PAGE.)

If there is a bulk release of hundreds of entries then there will also be a bulk email to previous entrants telling them the news. Email wonít be used if we only have a handful of entries available due to entrants withdrawing. Those small amounts will only be announced through the facebook thread.

ps. Sorry no special system for people who wonít use Facebook.
You can join under a fake name if youíre shy or on the run from the law.

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